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Home Facilities About Us Art & Craft Contact Us Career Ops Sponsors Construction

If you have read this presentation and you feel that you would like to become part of our extended family, please check the following list of job vacancies that we will be advertising in the near future.

Please do not come to the site without an invitation as it is under construction regulations.

Please note that some of these jobs listed will be for the duration of the construction project only, some will be temporary, but all will be subject to a trial period.

You will have read in this presentation that our theme is “Healthy Mind and Healthy Body - on a platform that supports the interaction of people of different nationalities”.  As such, we will give preference to applicants with conversation standard in at least one foreign language.  You will be our ambassadors; the front line between us and our guests.

Part of the business will open in the Autumn of this year and several of the jobs listed will be initiated during construction - some over the next few weeks.  These recruits will be flexible enough to do any work that is asked of them during this period; however, remuneration during this period may not be at the unionised level until the hotel opens.  For example, we will not be able to pay Spa Centre Supervisor rates until the spa centre is open - but the recruit will help us to design and equip the Spa Centre and may also assist with the Interior Decoration of the reception area and similar jobs.

We look forward to receiving your applications and wish you the very best of luck with your job search.

Head Chef

Hotel Manager

Assistant Chef

Spa Centre Supervisor

Wedding Reception Supervisor

IT Specialist

Maintenance Engineer

Head Receptionist

Landscape Gardener

Bistro Cook



Interior Decorator

To apply for vacancies listed on this page, please send your cv to the following email address. Please also write a brief description of why you think that you would like to work with us and what you will bring to our team.


Or post to:

Quinta da Fonte do Bispo,

EN270 CXP797A Tavira


Please include a recent photograph on your cv and include a general description in English, of why you want to work with us and what you have to offer to assist our development.

Being a Country Hotel located in the hills 12 Kilometers North of Tavira, some staff may have problems with travel arrangements.

The new hotel will provide staff quarters for up to 20 staff members, allowing them to stay on site for several days at a time.

Meals will also be provided for all staff members.

Interior Designer

This job may be an early start option; it may be for the duration of the project, but if the applicant finds a niche within the company it can turn into a permanent position.  

32 Standard rooms with shower room

Reception hall

Spa Centre


Heritage Centre

10 Staff rooms en-suite shower rooms

6 apartments with shower room

Restaurant with toilets for staff and clients

Banquet Hall with toilets for staff and clients

Initially, create a general concept, colour schemes, materials and finishes for all the different areas, including definition of the finishes materials, positioning of the furniture, etc.

drawings and samples of the different materials and solutions to the project.

Detailed plans of all areas will be provided, with equipment (furniture, upholstery, mattresses and bed frames, decorative textiles, lighting, paintings, decorative items, etc.).

IT Specialist:

The IT Specialist will manage the state of the art, integrated Booking Management System, which will include the booking engine, the restaurant services, the maintenance regime, the security regime, the room monitoring, access and temperature control of areas, tv and video, wi-fi, in-room web access, email services, all office equipment (computers and printers) and the telephone system.

He will also be responsible for the company website generation, including hotel:

Head Chef

Will be responsible for the smooth running of the 200 seat 4 Star Restaurant and the 200 seat Banquet Hall.  At this stage we are open to ideas from candidates for this position, particularly the theme and house speciality.  We would be particularly interested in talking to experienced chefs with ideas for the development of our restaurant - including such ideas as Chef Training or something similar.  Given the 20 staff beds, we would be happy to work with a Chef to create a Centre for Excellence.

The Chef would also be responsible for training staff to Silver Service standard and his assistant will run the Banquet Hall and bookings.  Again, we would be happy to discuss options.

For example it was suggested to us that an experienced Chef who is thinking about retirement, might be happy to bring in a team of newly qualified chefs and run the whole restaurant centre.

Please come to us with ideas.

Hotel Manager

Responsible for day to day running of the Hotel, Reception, Cleaning, Spa Centre, Activity Booking Centre, Heritage Centre and Bistro.  Reports directly to the Board.

Main Staff: Assistant Manager, Reception Supervisor, Spa Supervisor, House Keeper, Maintenance Engineer.

Maintenance Engineer

Responsible for maintenance of entire premises.

HVAC, Water storage and distribution, water heating, fire protection devices and warnings, lifts, roads, wall, gardens, vehicles, pools, courts, gardens, fences and walls, irrigation etc.


Main Staff:  General Handymen, Gardeners, security, porters

Landscape Architect/Gardener

Responsible for the implementation of our Landscape Project Plan. Monitoring the purchase and installation of all the irrigation equipment and movement of earth to the given levels. To develop the plan further as the program progresses.

Chef’s Assistant

This person could also be a chef, but would need management and accounting skills, together with marketing and planning experience.  Given the two 200 seat venues, the Chef will require a great deal of office backup once the enterprise is up and running.  

Marketing and following up enquiries for weddings and events, plus bookings for celebrations and corporate events in either the banquet hall or the restaurant will be vital for our success.

Spa Centre Supervisor

Initially, this person might or might not be a practitioner, but must bring spa centre operations and design experience.  We are looking for somebody with flair and exciting ideas to entice customers from all over the world to our hotel.

This person could initially build a database of local practitioners and take bookings on their behalf, taking a percentage of the fee.  Over time, certain skills may appear to be more in demand, or it might be decided to specialise.  It might include a hair and nails parlour or some aesthetics centre; again, please come to us with ideas.

Head Receptionist

This person will need to be experienced in small office management as she will be responsible for book-keeping, ready for submission to our accountant; the shop and the Activity Booking Centre will be under her jurisdiction. She should have several languages, including English and some Portuguese, and she must be computer literate.

Bistro Cook

Breakfast will be served in the Bistro, plus light lunches and dinners from a simple menu. All-day brunches and snacks will be available, together with a simple snack and drinks room service.

Again, we are open to suggestions about specialised themes - we have considered healthy diets, macrobiotics and a diet advisory service in association with the Spa Centre Practitioners.

At one point we wrote to many high profile Macrobiotic Diet and Life Sciences specialists, but we received absolutely no response.

Waitresses & Waiters, Bar staff & kitchen staff, room service & similar general workers

These staff will move between the five cost centres and will be trained as support for more specialised positions. They will be encouraged to further their education to support these new roles and will be expected to take up our offer of in-house language training to bring them up to fluency in both Portuguese and English.

Job Specifications

We are particularly interested in multi-talented staff who are willing and able to take on procedure development roles that need to be in place prior to our opening.  

Remuneration will be a flat rate for all staff of Supervisor grade and above, until their specific job becomes live.  In this way, you can assist in shaping the future of our hotel.

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