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Home Why & How Project East Algarve Bottom Line

Non-europeans get the opportunity to gain residence in Portugal and the right to visit any Schengen country without additional visa requirements.


Portuguese Golden Residency Permit

Portugal has announced new legislation aimed at attracting foreign investment.  This is a fast track vehicle enabling foreign investors to obtain Residency Permits in Portugal for themselves and their dependents.

There are three types of qualifying investments: Property investment; Capital investment; & job creation, each of which has different requirements.  We discuss the pros and cons of each of these from the point of view of a company that has experience in dealing with the problems raised by funding and licensing of government sponsored protocols such as this Golden Visa Program.

Property Investments - The simplest method is via the Acquisition of Properties above €500,000 in total.  The initial investment must be more than €500,000 per family, but joint acquisition applications are acceptable for a more expensive property.

The down-payment may not be the full purchase price, it is acceptable for the purchaser to obtain a mortgage or some other agreement for payment of the excess.

The investor will have total freedom to rent or lease the properties, or may keep it entirely for their own use.

There is at the moment a minimum stay period of 7 days per year that the investor must be in Portugal. Please see the FAQ listing below.

Capital Investments

An investment of €1,000,000 or more into any company in Portugal.

This can be for existing businesses or for investment in expansion or construction projects of new or existing businesses.  

Job Creation

The investment must create a minimum of 10 full-time permanent jobs that are fully registered with the Social Security department.

General conditions

 Minimum stays in Portugal – 7 days first year & 14 days following periods of 2 years.

Residency Permit granted for an initial period of 1 year & renewed for periods of 2 years.

Possibility of permanent residency after year 5 and nationality one year later.

Bearers of Investor Residency Permits may travel freely in the Schengen area.

General FAQ Regarding the Golden Residence Permit Programme: Please visit http://www.sef.pt/ and click on the Golden Visa button.


A good life in Sunny Portugal!

The Golden Visa program offers non-europeans the opportunity to obtain a visa enabling them and their families to freely travel in the Schengen region and to eventually gain Portuguese residency…more…

Why choose Portugal for residency?

Sunny skies, clean air, pure water and if that’s not enough, add a low cost of living, friendly people and its location on the South-West tip of Europe…more….  

What is it going to take for you to qualify?

An minimum investment of €500,000 in property, €1,000,000 in a business or the creation of 10 jobs are the options…see the raspberry panel »»»»

An example of creating ten jobs in Portugal

Rather than invest money, it is an option to create 10 or more jobs to obtain the Golden Visa.  One client we have has an existing business in China.  He can employ people in his existing foreign business.…more….  

What are the risks of this investment program?

The risks vary with the option selected, the price of the property could go down, or the company that you invest in may not expand as you expect, or your 10 employees might not produce as well as you expected.  .…more….  

If you are looking for growth, use leverage

Smart money is using the current recession to leverage their investment. Many countries are providing incentives to companies and individuals to invest capital in specific business activities.…more….  

Invest in an existing EU sponsored project

The pilot project of a Boutique Hotel chain to be built across the Algarve is almost complete and investors are invited to participate in the remaining four units.  A leveraged investment with ROI in 3 years.…more….  

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