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Richy Bassett - Cabaret Artist

Quinta Fonte Bispo,

EN270 CXP 797A,

Sta Catarine, Tavira,


Home base - Tavira, just 30 mins from Faro and the Spanish border.


Contact Details:


Tel: (351) 281 971 484

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Name That Tune!

There are a dozen sets of songs on this music player, each one has about five minutes of clips from songs that Richy features in his various shows.

Just for a bit of fun and to find out if Richy plays your kind of music, you only have to click the start button once and the player will run through five minute’s worth of songs.

Richy has provided a checklist with a few clues as a .pdf file.  Just print it out, and click the start button.

It will play through the 12 sets automatically, but you can stop and start the music by pressing the start triangle to pause the music.

By clicking the double triangle you can skip backwards or forwards through the 12 sets, so you can do one at a time.

Have fun!


Richy has set up two competitions: one for charities or fund raising and one for businesses or private parties.

For Charities or Fund Raising events, Richy will play free (expenses only) at your venue.  See the terms and conditions below.

For Business Enterprises or for Private Parties, Richy will give a 20% discount for one event at your venue.

The first person to get 100% of the answers correct will win the option to have Richy play free of charge (expenses only) at an event of their choice.

To enter, print off the PDF file, fill in the answers and send it to the address at the bottom of this page.

Try as many times as you like and check your results on this page to see if you win.

Good luck!

Terms and Conditions

Richy charges €150 for up to four hours as a base price which includes travelling expenses up to 25 Kilometers from Tavira.

If you win a free gig, Richy will ask you to pay €3 per Kilometer travelling expenses, to and from Tavira.

Charities and Clubs Fundraisers

Print off this PDF and get your team to fill in the blanks.  You need to get more than 95% correct answers, but you can have as many attempts as you want.  

Businesses and Private Functions

Fill in the PDF and get 95% correct and Richy will give you a 20% discount from his normal rates.

Small Print!

When requested, Richy will help to advertise these functions, but it is up to the winners to arrange and pay for the venue and to organise the event.

Good luck to everybody and have fun.

Click here to download a PDF file.  Most computers will have the ability to download, print and read PDF files.

The PDF file contains some clues to some of the less familiar songs, but the majority are very well known USA and UK based songs.