Hi Lisa.  This is what I was talking about last time we met.

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New arrangements of old songs, for ballroom dancing lessons.  Have a listen to the first few seconds of each one, just to get the idea.

Some radical arrangements that you will either like or hate. We can try the same songs in different rhythms and styles.

New arrangements of old songs, for Line Dancing.  Have a listen to the first few seconds of each one, just to get the idea.

Hi Lisa, Please have a quick listen to these arrangements.

This is what I spoke to you about last time we met.  Ballroom dancing has been growing fast and I think it is waiting for something like this.

Dance teachers tend to use the same CDs every lesson; I’m sure a set of CDs covering all ballroom, Latin American, Zumba and Line Dancing would go down very well with Teachers and Students.

The average time for these tracks was about 20 minutes. I took my favourite songs and made new arrangements for dance lessons.  

Good luck, Rich.

First album

Title: Dancing the Night Away - With A Twist.

The twist has two meanings, one, it refers to the fact that people will recognise all the songs, but the twist is, they have different rhythms.  Then of course, we will have the song Twisting the Night Away to close the set.

Don’t just accept these songs. Think of the idea of taking any song and breathing new life into it.  People love singing along when they dance, and the Latin Rhythms have become very popular, just ask Julio!

I can see this being focused on the Dancing Schools and private ballroom lessons, all over the world.  

Please accept that these are all totally new arrangements of these songs and all recordings were taken with one take, so please don’t judge the quality of the vocals or the lead guitar missing.  I want people to just think about the idea of taking our heritage of wonderful pop songs and giving them new life.

If someone likes the idea, ask them if he would like to come over to my place and we can just go over the concept and run through a hundred or so songs ;0)

The marketing campaign would tell every teacher to apply on-line for a set of CDs that they can use Royalty Free for their lessons - no copying allowed!

But this can be leveraged with a TV show. There are many free-view channels available now that would love to have a show once a week. Some, not you Lisa, will remember Perry Como had a weekly show that was wonderful.  We all sat around the box as a family.

Now, we could have a weekly show by some well loved singer, based on a Dance Class.  The video would be the dancers and the star would make cameo appearances, in a bubble, talking about the next song and the dance that is being taught.

The money would be made by sales of the boxed CD set of the whole series.

OK, so it might not work, but it will be great fun trying.  Think of any song you like and we can work on an arrangement like “Play Me” - totally original feel to the recording. Please come down here and try. You know that we are a most loyal family of friends.

For now. Just imagine the scene, the song “Only 16” being played and the ballroom full of couples, young and old, in step, floating around the dance floor.

Why not give it a try; we will need 10 shows with 10 songs per show.  We will have a hard job rejecting some wonderful songs.

Lisa, if one of your clients was interested in just testing this theory, we would love to help - no strings.