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Richy Bassett - Cabaret Artist

Quinta Fonte Bispo,

EN270 CXP 797A,

Sta Catarine, Tavira,


Home base - Tavira, just 30 mins from Faro and the Spanish border.


Contact Details:


Tel: (351) 281 971 484

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Formal Dinner Dances

Richard provides music for Ballroom dancing through to Disco and everything in between.

Rather than provide band music, Richard has selected a variety of popular songs with rhythms that suit foxtrot, quickstep and a host of Latin dances.

From his repertoire of 500 songs, Richy will find music for most mature tastes.


As for Formal dinner dances, Richy has music for all ages and is able to mix in recorded music for special requirements, or to use your own MP3 music to suit a particular theme.

Your selection of music is just a list away.  By providing a list of your favourites, Richy can put together a personalised show, using recorded music or by singing the songs himself.  

Pubs, Clubs and Parties

Richard provides music for mature and mixed audiences, music from the sixties to the nineties that has become classic pop.

His wide-ranging repertoire serves to get people of all ages up on their feet at some time in the evening, with something for everybody.

If the event calls for it, Richy can provide a full Karaoke show, but usually sets aside a time for fun.

Tribute Shows

Cliff Richard

Elvis Presley

Neil Diamond

Elton John

Roy Orbison

Billy Fury

These shows feature the songs made famous by the artist listed.  Richy does not attempt to copy their voices, just to capture the mood that the original artists generated in shows that vary from 45 minutes to 3 hours.

Richy’s Audience

For Parties, Dances and general club nights, the mature audiences of the Algarve appreciate the variety of music provided by Richy.  Formal Dinner & Dance nights need some strict tempo and parties need a degree of audience participation.

For clubs and bars, a selection of cabaret songs will get the audience in the mood, followed by a mix of classic dance songs from the 60s to the 90s.

On these pages you will find a number of songs that Richy uses in his cabaret set, with links to the original version, just as a teaser.

Richy is based at the Quinta da Fonte do Bispo, near Tavira in the East Algarve. He is available for public and private functions in the Algarve or Andalucia in Spain.

Having played in restaurants and bars in the USA and Ireland, Richy has developed a repertoire that suits a mature or mixed age audience, including a selection of ever popular cabaret songs, and a range of dance music that has something for everybody to dance to.   

For a CD sample or for more information, please contact Richy at the Quinta da Fonte do Bispo on 281 971 484 or email

A Mix of Disco. Pop and Ballroom

With such a wide selection of music to choose from, Richy can provide a mix of music to suit any occasion.  

He can include intervals of recorded music to your special taste during breaks to allow you to set your own scene for celebrations and personal preferences.  Check out this selection of 60s and 70s popular music for starters.